Driving Test Rescue

Failed your driving test? Our Test Rescue Driving Course will get you back on the road in no time.


Even the best drivers can be unlucky on the day of their driving test. Perhaps you failed your driving test due to nerves, or maybe it was a particularly busy test period. Whatever the reason, our tailored Test Rescue Driving Course will boost your confidence and get you ready to retake your driving test with confidence and in the shortest possible time.

We know exactly why you failed your last driving test.

The 3 main reasons for failing your driving test are

1) You were not prepared (Maybe your training hasnt been up to scratch or you simply hadnt had enough driving lessons)

2) You didnt have the confidence (did your current driving instructor build up your confidence enough before you took your driving test?)

3) Sometimes it is just down to sheer bad luck

Our individually tailored course will focus on your weak areas whilst giving you techniques to help calm your nerves.

Our skilled and patient driving instructors have helped many drivers just like you. 

If you require help passing your driving test then give our team a call and we will give you the best chance of passing your driving test.

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